Quarantine turned an 11-year old soccer player from Humble into a journalist

He found a new way to learn about his favorite sport

HOUSTON – Kids have come up with interesting ways to keep themselves busy and entertained in these social distancing times.

That’s was the case for Caleb Coronel, a student in Humble, who missed his soccer practices so much, that he took a different approach to his soccer lessons.

Courtesy: (Jennifer Coronel)

“The quarantine has affected me. I don’t get to be with my friends, be on the field and do all that fun stuff. I just missed being on the field. So, I wanted to do at least one thing sport’s related. So, I thought about interviewing soccer players and professional players, retired players and different people,” said Coronel, who’s been playing soccer since he was 2 years old and has been able to connect virtually with big soccer players that have played in the FIFA World Cup.

“I’ve been able to interview Brian Ching. He used to play for the Dynamos. Nichelle Prince. She went to the World Cup and is on the Canadian National Team. Lindsey Agnew. She also played in the Canadian National team,” said Coronel, who would Iove to interview Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi, his favorite player.

Courtesy: (Jennifer Coronel)

“My preparation is I start going off the internet to find out information about the players. And then I make up some questions with my dad. Normally, I’m doing one game right now. It’s called impossible decisions,” said Coronel, who has learned some much with these interviews.

“I’ve been learning a lot of stuff, both soccer-related and life-related. It’s really interesting to watch them because they tell you what to do when these hard times come. You need that motivation to get up every day and practice,” he said.

To see Coronel’s complete interview, watch the video above.

And to see some of Coronel’s interviews with the soccer players, watch the videos below.

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