Exercise your dog’s brain with these 4 DIY enrichment activities

Pawsome ideas to try at home!

HOUSTON – Providing our dogs with socialization and enrichment during these times, can be challenging, but it’s so important for them.

And with simple household items you can create fun enrichment activities for your furry friends.

The puppy expert, Stephanie Bennett with Believe in Dog Training, shows how easy it is to create mental exercises for Fido, including making toys and even set up a Easter egg hunt for your pup.

“This is a really big deal for all these dogs at home. There’s a lot of things we need to be dealing with, but especially for the younger puppies and all the dogs, really, need as much mental exercise and mental stimulation as we can possibly get them. Because luckily, they’re getting a lot of physical exercise but none of them are getting enough mental stimulation,” said Bennett, who recommends using smelly treats and having a system to increase the difficulty for your dog.

“These toys or exercises, you have to start easy and then star making them a little bit harder so it takes them some time, and then you can advance.

To see Bennett’s complete interview, watch the video above.


Believe in Dog (Stephanie Bennett)

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