Bring the spirit of Spring Break into your home with these easy recipes

Make the most out your extended staycation

HOUSTON – For many of us, Spring Break didn't go as planned this year. But that doesn't mean you still can't celebrate at home.

America’s CEO, that’s chief entertaining officer Tim Laird -- has a solution and shared four recipes to cheer you up while you spend time indoors.

“I love easy and all these recipes are easy to do and recreate,” said Laird, who offered ideas for cocktail, appetizer, entrée and dessert.

“The beaches are closed, we can’t congregate, but that’ won’t keep us from having a great spring break party at home. And I encourage all our friends to do the same. And then also share it with Facetime so we can have a social get together for Spring Break,” said Laird, who encouraged everybody to practice his home party tips to maximize the fun.

Spring Break at Home Party Tips:

• Dress in festive Hawaiian shirts and shorts.

• Break out the straw hats, bucket hats, and visors.

• Make a play list of fun beach music with a mix of Caribbean, Jamaican, and Hawaiian artists.

• Take plenty of photos to share on social media.

• Encourage others to hold a Spring Break party at home at the same time and Facetime with them throughout the evening.

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Tim Laird, America's CEO or Chief Entertaining Officer, shakes up a tropical-inspired cocktail. (KPRC)

Sparkling Banana Split


• 1½ ounces Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey

• 1½ ounces banana liquor

• Squeeze of lemon

• Top with club soda

• Stir and garnish with a cherry.


Add ingredients in a rocks glass with ice. Top with club soda. Stir and garnish with a cherry.

Courtesy: (Tim Laird)

Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches

(Serves 10–12)


• ¼ cup Ballotin caramel turtle whiskey

• ¼ cup soy sauce

• ¼ cup brown sugar, packed

• 3 cloves garlic, minced

• ¼ cup Dijon mustard

• 1 teaspoon fresh ginger, minced or ¼ teaspoon powdered ginger

• 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

• ¼ cup vegetable oil

• 2 1-pound pork tenderloins

• Dijon mustard

• Slider buns


Combine bourbon, soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, mustard, ginger, Worcestershire sauce and vegetable oil in a large bowl. Whisk until brown sugar has dissolved.

Set aside ½ cup for basting. Place marinade and pork tenderloins in a zip-top plastic bag and place in the refrigerator overnight. Bring to room temperature.

Grill at medium-high or bake at 350 for approximately 15-25 minutes. Baste often while cooking. Pork should reach 145 degrees internally.

Slice and serve on slider buns with Dijon mustard on the side.

Courtesy: (Tim Laird)

Cherry Cheesecake Martini


• 2 ounces Ballotin chocolate cherry cream

• 1-ounce vodka

• 1½ ounces lemonade


Add ingredients in a shaker with ice.

Shake and strain into a martini glass rimmed with graham cracker crumbs.

Pro Tip: To rim the glass, run a lemon wedge around the outside edge of the glass, then dip the glass into a plate of graham cracker crumbs.

Courtesy: (Tim Laird)

Mango Shrimp Salsa

(Serves 6-8)


• 1 mango, peeled, pitted, diced

• 1 red pepper, seeded, diced

• 1 jalapeño, seeded, diced

• ¼ cup red onion, diced

• 2 tablespoons garlic, minced

• 2 tablespoons cilantro, chopped

• ½ pound cooked shrimp, chopped

• 1/8 cup fresh orange juice

• 1/8 cup fresh lime juice

• Kosher salt

• Black pepper


In a bowl, combine the mango, red pepper, jalapeño, onion, garlic, cilantro and shrimp. Stir in the orange and lime juice and season with salt and pepper.

Refrigerate for 1 hour. Serve with tortilla chips.

Reprinted with permission from That’s Entertaining! Cocktails and Appetizers by Tim Laird, Butler Books, 2013.

Recipes provided by Tim Laird.

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