Lunch at home: 2 DIY soup bowls to satisfy any craving

Tanji Patton shares her fresh and healthy take on weekday lunches

HOUSTON – If working from home is leaving you with a big appetite, we’ve got some fresh ideas that will save you time and money in the kitchen.

Think meal prepping, but without all the hassle of cooking a bunch of different items all at once or finding a spot in the fridge to store all your containers for the week.

Tanji Patton from “Goodtaste with Tanji” offers an easy solution for lunch, DIY soup jars.

But first, her inspiration: the Peruvian and Japanese fusion fare at Pacha Nikkei.

Momo’s Caldo de Gallina

From Pacha Nikkei (KPRC)

Full of flavor, this dish is inspired by a family recipe and pays tribute to Peruvian and Japanese cultures.

Peruvian Ceviche

From Pacha Nikkei (KPRC)

Featuring Mahi mahi, leche de tigre, aji limo, cancha, choclo, sweet potato puree.

*Pacha Nikkei is temporary closed, due to the fast growth and spread of COVID-19. They hope to re-open and continue to serve the community soon. Follow their Facebook page for the latest updates.

Tanji’s Wine Find

This wine pairs perfectly with lighter fare. (KPRC)

She recommends pairing this type of cuisine with Settesoli Grillo.

DIY Soup Jars

Tanji’s take on the popular bowl trend.

Take colorful and fresh ingredients, add pre-cooked noodles and assemble in a jar.

To serve, add broth or water, microwave and viola – a delicious lunch is ready to go!

Tanji’s secret is to start with a quality base of ingredients to build flavor, like a good bouillon, miso paste and hot thai sauce.

Red Curry Coconut Shrimp

Tanji Patton creates an easy lunch on-the-go with DIY Soup Jars. (KPRC)

Creamy coconut milk takes this soup to the next level. Also, you can cook the shrimp ahead of time and parboil noodles.

Spicy Ramen in a Jar

Tanji Patton creates an easy lunch on-the-go with DIY Soup Jars. (KPRC)

Tanji says when you’re ready to eat, just add hot boiling water and stir or shake to make sure the ingredients are evenly distributed!

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