Fast Food Fix: Take your pizza to the next level with healthy toppings

It’s easy to trim calories and still enjoy pizza night

Pizzas (Pizzas)

HOUSTON – Looking for an easy meal option the entire family will love?

How about pizza?

We challenged certified nutritionist Krystal Hammett to find the healthiest menu items at popular fast food places around town to help busy families on the go.

For our last stop of the food series, we’re picking up pizza at Domino’s.


Gluten Free, Loaded Veggie Pizza (690 calories, 24g fat, 99 carbs, 24g protein, 1530mg sodium)

  • Includes gluten free crust, pizza sauce, regular cheese, black olives, red peppers, spinach, mushrooms, onions, diced tomatoes and garlic


  • Eat half of the 10″ pizza and a salad
  • Share it with someone or save to make 2 meals
  • Avoid sandwiches, pasta, wings and all fountain drinks and desserts

Now, if you’re anything like us, pizza night calls for the entire family to join in on the fun.

How about making it a tradition that doesn’t involve any pizza chains?

Making pizzas at home allows you to control what you put on your pizza and is also a great way to get your spouse and the kids involved in the kitchen.

Registered dietitian Mary Ellen Phipps with Milk and Honey Nutrition shares what pizza night is like in her home and how to take advantage of the healthiest of toppings.

Get Mary Ellen’s Tomato Kale Beet Pizza recipe here


Here’s the easiest way to customize the dinner menu for the entire family.

Pizza crust options (Pizza crust options)

You can make your own pizza crust from scratch, use a boxed mix, buy an already made frozen pizza crust, or even use a large tortilla to make pizza night one to remember.

Keep in mind, customizing each pizza for every family member is the simplest task.

Pizza toppings (Pizza toppings)

Ask your spouse and kids ahead of time what they’re favorite toppings are, have them prepped ahead of time, and let each person build their own pizza. It’s a great way to make decisions on the kind of sauce, the quantity of cheese and how many veggies each person would like.

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H/T Krystal Hammett and Mary Ellen Phipps

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