Can a KPRC 2 sports reporter name all the U.S. presidents in under 3 minutes?

HOUSTON – You’ve seen Ari Alexander in his element - reporting on Houston sports out in the field and behind the anchor desk.

But here’s a random fact: Ari can list off all 45 U.S. presidents. In order. And the dates they were in office. In under 3 minutes.

So how did he learn this random skill?

The KPRC 2 sports anchor/reporter said when he was a kid, he had a place mat with the information on it. He would study it every morning while eating waffles with his dad.

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And it’s not just presidents. Ari said he’s a big fan of trivia nights, and has even tried out for Jeopardy 3 times.

Watch the video above to see Ari’s trivia talent in action, or follow along with the wiz-kid on his social media accounts.

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