The Bar Method fitness classes are for every body type, and no ballet shoes required

HOUSTON – When you think of the using a ballet bar for exercise, you probably associate that with doing a ballet class, right? Well not at The Bar Method! Their fitness classes are for any body type, and you definitely don’t need ballet shoes.

Their highly trained instructors use small movements that work deep into the muscles, and it may sound simple...but it will challenge even the most seasoned athlete! But don’t be scared, no experience is required.

Dana Abromovitz, owner and primary instructor at The Bar Method Memorial told us that instructors go through 6 months of training, and work with physical therapists to adjust you to get into the proper form for your body.

Their goal is to help people build confidence, and to just get stronger all around.

In addition to getting a great workout, you’re in a fun, safe, and supportive environment, so you look forward to working out!

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