Goodwill Houston is changing lives through the power of work

Local IT training specialist represents the power of inclusion and work

HOUSTON – Oziel Casanova lost his leg after a motorcycle accident.

And while this major change could have derailed his entire life, he chose to take a professional opportunity that has him inspiring others every day.

Casanova is now working at Goodwill as an instructor with the Google Digital Accelerator program, and he visited the Houston Life studio to share his story, along with his employer Barbie Parker, director of fund development with Goodwill Houston.

"Our mission is to provide free training, education and job opportunities to people with barriers of employment. And we have six different job connection programs in and around the city of Houston where every day we have classes teaching things like resume building, how to dress for an interview," said Parker, who highlighted the Google Digital Accelerator program they offer as part of the digital skills training.

"People who may not have the opportunity to grow up with digital skills, we are able to help to introduce them to the different platforms that we offer in addition to the Google IT training. So, for those who are interested and passionate about IT this is a career opportunity, this is an amazing opportunity that helps them prepare for a career," Casanova said.

For more information about Goodwill and their Google digital accelerator program, call 713-692-6221 or visit goodwillhouston.org.