Houston's Performing Arts Supply Company, a hidden gem for Halloween costumes

5 Halloween costume ideas from local Houston hidden gem

HOUSTONHalloween is just around the corner, and instead of waiting last minute to get your costumes, head into one of Houston's hidden gems: Performing Arts Supply Company.

Performing Arts Supply Company is a little-known, small business costume shop near 290 and Antoine. Not only do they have thousands of costumes stocked, but 90% of their costumes are constructed in-house by a small staff of skilled seamstresses and knowledgeable "Costume Coordinators." 

Costume shop manager Abby Thomas gave Houston Life reporter Lauren Kelly a tour of the store, and let her pick out some favorite costumes to try on. Check out our top picks below, and let us know which one you like the most!

1. 20's Flapper 

Been to a good Gatsby-themed party recently? It's a solid way to remember the fantastic clothing from the roaring 20's. The fringe on this dress will have you wanting to twist all night!

"Gatsby parties are really popular right now, this is available all year round for Halloween, New Year's Eve, and any other time. Comes with a dress, the gloves, the necklaces, and the headband, and the wig is for sale."


2. The Mad Hatter from 'Alice In Wonderland'

Okaaayyy, so Alice and the Queen of Hearts costumes may be a little lighter in the weight department, but this Mad Hatter outfit is spot-on! The only thing you need is a spot of tea to go along with it!

"It's beautiful and is all our original design. It comes with a hat, the coat, the pants, and the shirt. And a really great pop would be to add a little teacup to go with."


3. Glenda The Good Witch

This was the most BEAUTIFUL Good Witch costume! If feeling like a godmother is what you're going for, then this look was made for you.

"You too could be a pretty, pretty princess! We've got the dress, the wand, the crown, and the wig is for sale."


4. Roman Soldier

This was the heaviest armor! If you're feeling a little strong for Halloween, then this costume is definitely for you to show off those muscles.

"The Roman Soldier it comes with a tunic, it comes with the padding for the armor, the helmet, and the sword."


5. Dragon Queen

"This is one of our pop culture looks, and it comes with the dress, the belt, the cloak, and the wig is for sale."

As for the dragons, you're on your own!