Here's everything you need to know about General Sam Houston's statue in Huntsville, Texas

The City of Huntsville's Sam Houston statue celebrates 25 years

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HOUSTON – Did you know, the Sam Houston statue in Huntsville was constructed 25 years ago to celebrate General Sam Houston's 200th birthday?

This October, get ready for a fun road trip to Huntsville, Texas for the free family-friendly event celebrating the statue's 25th anniversary. 

Tourism manager for the City of Huntsville's Tourism Department, Kimm Thomas, shares more on General Sam Houston.

First and foremost, he fought for Texas independence... then he was governor of two different states, you know, Texas and Tennessee, that alone speaks volumes about who he is." said Thomas.

General Sam Houston was a brilliant military leader, one of the key people responsible for the formation of Texas. The statue was created to celebrate his 200th birthday, which would have been March 2, 1993, but construction took more time and was finished by October 22, 1994.

Sam Houston was about 6 ft., 6 inches tall, and the statue was meant to be "larger than life," about 10 times his size.
The Sam Houston statue is 67 ft. tall on a 10 ft. base, meaning the total height is 77 ft. tall, making it the tallest statue of an American hero, in the world. 

The construction of the statue was named "A Tribute to Courage" by artist, David Adickes.
Adickes needed to transform 30 tons of concrete and steel into the bigger than life monument. 

The statue consists of 5 layers of concrete laid over steel mesh attached to a welded steel framework. The statue was created in pieces and then transported by flat bed trailers.


What: You're invited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Sam Houston statue. 
When: October 22, 2019 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
Where: At the Sam Houston Statue Visitor Center. 
Tickets: The event is free!

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