Thirsty Thursday: Negronis

Houston mixologist shares a lesson on the popular Italian cocktail

HOUSTON – Creating a negroni at home is simple. With just three ingredients -- campari, gin and sweet vermouth -- you can make this classic Italian cocktail.

If you add more ingredients and put some garnish on it, you can make a delicious drink with a different spin.

Mixologist Chris Morris, with MAD in River Oaks, stopped by our studio to share his easy recipes to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this popular sip and creative ways to elevate this bitter but refreshing drink.

Classic Negroni

•    1 oz. Bombay Sapphire
•    1 oz. Martini speciale rubino
•    1 oz. Martini riserva speciale bitter
•    2 dashes 10% saline solution

Saline Solution:
•    90g water
•    10g table salt

Stir all ingredients over ice and serve with an expressed orange peel.

Negroni Verano

•    1.5 oz. Santa Teresa 1796
•    .75 oz. Martini speciale rubino   
•    .75 oz. Martini riserva speciale bitter
•    3 dashes giffard banane du Brazil

Stir all ingredients over ice. Serve over a large ice cube, and top with a Tropical Air.

Tropical Air:
•    2 oz. lemon juice
•    .75 oz. lime juice
•    .25 oz. guanabana nectar
•    .25 oz. passion fruit syrup
•    .25 oz. Kalani coconut liqueur
•    .5 oz. water
•    1.25g soy lecithin (available on Amazon)

Combine all ingredients in a tall container and dissolve the soy lecithin with a hand blender. Tilt the container and whisk to add air until desired volume is reached.

Recipes provided by Chris Morris.