5 post-pregnancy dresses to make you look stylish

Dresses to embrace your postpartum body

Lifestyle blogger Michelle Hammons, from Beauty Life Coach, stopped by the Houston Life studio to show all new moms 5 stylish transition looks to have in their postpartum wardrobe. Hammons, who had a baby three months ago, shared the benefits of A-line, floral and mixed patterned dresses for all sizes.

HOUSTON – If you’ve given birth recently, you need to feel good while adjusting to your new post-baby body.  And lifestyle blogger from Beauty Life Coach, Michelle Hammons, understands that because she’s just had her third baby less than three months ago.

She stopped by our studio with five transition dresses to have in your postpartum wardrobe, and a message to encourage you to embrace your body at this important stage of your life.

“Just love yourself, even when you don’t feel like you look the same, because after you give birth you don’t. Give yourself grace,” said Hammons, who brought A-line, maxis, floral and mixed patterned dresses for all sizes from Glamfox Boutique in The Woodlands.

Turquoise Floral print Maxi Dress

Perfect for every body shape.

“The reason I love this dress for any mom is because of the sleeves, it is so flattering. And where the gathering is, it will accentuate that waist and make you feel so thin and have that hourglass figure,” said Hammons, who recomends this dress for any woman who is transitioning to lose weight.

Peach, Front Ties waist dress

Date night look. Great to accentuate your waist.

“The tie covers up the midsection. When women are working and transitioning back into our bodies, that is going to be so helpful and you are going to love it,” said Hammons who recommends pairing this dress with a blazer or a jean jacket to dress it down.

Floral Muse dress

Gives you an hourglass figure.

“As a new mom it is so fun to take a chance and be bold. And what this dress does with the mix matched bold and floral, it really accentuates her waist. You can wear this with cute flats and a hat,” said Hammons.

Blue, maxi dress with tie front

Very flattering for all body types.

‘It is such a great transition dress because as you tie the front, the details flows down. You can add a scarf around you and make it a date night or a daytime dress,” said Hammons about this perfect summer dress.

Floral print halter neck- mustard & pink

This cut and style gives you a slimming effect.

“I love the cut of this dress because it hit her right under the bust line and that is our smallest area. The top also accentuates and make you feel elongated as well,” said Hammons,

To see Michelle’s complete interview, watch the video above.