Candytopia by the numbers: Inside Houston's sweetest pop-up exhibit

Looking for a sweet way to spend the weekend? Houston Life correspondent, Lauren Kelly gets a colorful, sweet and fun preview of Houston’s newest sweet spot, Candytopia, from renowned global candy artist - Jackie Sorkin.

HOUSTONCandytopia, the candy infused interactive art show, has made its way to Houston. It opened this week.

The brainchild of renowned candy artist Jackie Sorkin, Candytopia features dozens of rooms with larger than life art installations and full sensory experiences. 

Here's a look at Candytopia by the numbers:

500,000: With limited run engagements in Atlanta, Houston and Dallas, over 500,000 people have visited the space so far. 

250,000:  More than 250,000 "marshmallows" are in the marshmallow pit. If you stretched them end to end it would be 8 miles long. Don't eat them though, they're made out of foam.  

Houston Life host Derrick Shore in the marshmallow pit.

8,000 candies and 104 hours: That's how many candies and how many hours it took to create this candy portrait of Cardi B.  

credit: Bob Levey/Getty Images for Candytopia

60,000 candies and 198 hours: That's how much candy and time it took to make a candy replica of the statue of liberty. 

credit: Bob Levey/Getty Images for Candytopia

3: That's how many Houston-inspired additions are included in the exhibit. There's a candy Astros cap, plus candy Beyonce, and a NASA candy portrait. 

credit: Bob Levey/Getty Images for Candytopia

If you go

What: Candytopia Houston
Where: It is now open at MARQ*E Entertainment Center, 7620 Katy Fwy, Suite 360.
Tickets: Must be purchased in advance. For more information and to purchase tickets visit