RECIPE: Oat milk latte & cranberry maple tahini granola

Up-and-coming 2019 food trends

HOUSTON – Each year we see new food trends -- on social media, blogs, and cooking shows, and nobody knows that better than registered dietitian, Mary Ellen Phipps with Milk & Honey Nutrition.

"Every year we see these reports come out about things that are going to be trending for the year. These are usually things that have seen a lot of success in some bigger food markets like San Francisco, New York or L.A., and now we are really starting to see them come on to the big stage and we're definitely seeing a lot of these pop up in a Houston area grocery stores," said Phipps.

Check out Mary Ellen's featured recipes below:

RECIPE: Oat Milk Latte (Use oat milk instead of almond milk)
RECIPE: Cranberry Maple Tahini Granola