Rooftop Cinema Club: Movies, cocktails, games under the stars

"A beautiful rooftop with scenic views and really Instagramable vibe"

HOUSTON – Going to the movies with friends, family or loved ones is one the best activities you can do all year long. And there is a great hot spot in town where you can catch a movie, get some drinks, take great pictures in front of murals made by local artists and cozy up under the stars.

It’s called Rooftop Cinema Club, a place where moviegoers enjoy film screenings using state-of-the-art projectors, high-quality wireless headphones, deck chairs and blankets for a different movie experience.

 “I would describe it as a beautiful rooftop with scenic views and really Instagramable vibe,” said Maggie Vaughn, venue manager from Rooftop Cinema Club, who took us on a special tour of the cinema and explained its special film selection.

“It’s mostly cult classics, so we are playing “Steel Magnolias,” or singalong movies like “Mamma Mia,” and “Selena,” so we get a ton of people singing,” said Vaughn, who explained that even though this is primarily an adult venue, it now offers family nights.

“Three days a week we have kid-friendly movies. In December, it is things like “Jingle All The Way,” “The Polar Express” or “Arthur Christmas,” said Vaughn.

See the full clip above.