Easy, Summer Updos You Can Do Yourself

HOUSTON – Rachel Gower and Cecilia Kerr from The Upper Hand salon explain how you can easily create three summer hairstyles at home with a couple tips and tricks.

Most updos start with the same foundation (second day hair prepped with curls and texture spray). Then divide hair in three sections with clips (left, right and back section).
For texture, they recommend using Oribe Dry Texturing Spray or Big Sexy Hair Powder Play.

Boho Braid: (hair is prepped with curls and texture spray)
Inside-out-braid the back section
Alternating left and right sections, weave strands through the inside out braid.
Pull out and fatten the braid using texture and hold spray.

Tousled Wedding Guest 'Do: (hair is prepped with curls and texture spray)
Secure a ponytail tight and flat to the head, no volume
While holding the elastic, carefully tug at crown until desired volume is achieved.
Pin the ponytail hair randomly to lower crown creating a disheveled bun
Drape and pin hair from left and right sections to base and bun. Leaving out any desired face framing.
Add Embellishments

Soft Twists: (hair is prepped with loose curls and texture spray)
Tease the back section and roll into French twists (twist A)
Lightly tease the left side, roll into French twist, secure into twist A
Lightly tease the right side, roll into French twidy, secure into Twist B
Pull out any desired face frame