Family claims they were given another patient’s COVID-19 test information in Houston lab error

Here's what we know

A Katy woman claimed she received another patient’s COVID-19 test results Tuesday from a laboratory linked to other testing issues.

Bobbie Weary said she received a text Tuesday morning with test results she thought were for either herself or her granddaughter. Weary said when she clicked on the link and pulled up the portal, she noticed information belonging to someone she did not know.

“When I opened it up, I entered my information and it said incorrect individual, so I said this must be my grandbaby,” Weary said. “Under her information, it came up, but it came up with somebody else’s results and somebody else’s name.”

Weary said it was concerning because of the HIPAA privacy rules and the fact her family of four were in the dark about their health status. Weary, her granddaughter, husband and son were all tested together last Thursday at their Katy home through a mobile service. Weary said she wanted to avoid standing in long testing lines due to her current health condition.

“I have an autoimmune disease, that’s why I asked her (the mobile service) to come here so I don’t expose myself any further to the COVID,” she said.

The tests were then sent over to Texas Diagnostic Laboratories. KPRC 2 has covered several stories involving the lab after viewers complained they either waited a long time to receive their test results or are still waiting.

“The lab has not responded to my emails. When you call them, you get a recorded line,” Weary said.

KPRC 2 Reporter Taisha Walker reached out to the lab Tuesday on Weary’s behalf. The director confirmed that Weary’s personal information was correct in their system, but said he was not sure why Weary’s granddaughter received another patient’s information.

The lab on Wednesday told KPRC2 Weary never actually received another patient’s test results but a computer glitch allowed Weary to see the other person’s name, date of birth and specimen ID but not test results. The other patient’s test results were still pending at the time and not visible.

“I requested your services, your services assured me it was going to this particular accredited lab who was supposed to send my results in a timely manner, and here we are, going on Thursday, again, and I still don’t have any results.”

The lab sent weary an email Tuesday afternoon with her granddaughter’s positive test results — causing the family to panic and try to pull the granddaughter out of school. But the results emailed were from last August, according to Weary.

KPRC 2 reached back out to the lab regarding the confusion. The director apologized for the mistake saying he clicked on the wrong test and would resend the email. Weary confirmed she received the most recent test which showed a negative test result for her granddaughter.

Weary said the lab followed up with her and she, along with the rest of her family, received their test results Wednesday morning.