Here is how you can make a Shake Shack burger in your own kitchen

Credit: Shake Shack
Credit: Shake Shack

HOUSTON – When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? But what happens if life closes all your favorite restaurants and traps you in your home for weeks? Well, you turn your home into a restaurant (so to speak).

The Shake Shack was one of the many places affected by the closures issued to help encourage social distancing and flatten the curve. Even though it had to close, there is still away for you to enjoy a burger without leaving the safety of your home.

Goldbelly – a website where you can buy food from some of your favorite foods – is offering meal kits so you can make a Shake Shack burger at home.

According to the website, the kit includes the patties, cheese, potato rolls and Shake Shack’s custom ShackSauce. The kit also comes with instructions on how to prepare the meal. All you need to provide is salt, pepper, butter and your favorite toppings.

The kits are $49 each and serve eight people. To order a kit or browse other meal options, you can go to the Goldbelly website.

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