Attack Poverty and Texas Roadhouse team up to get 2,000 meals to Rosenberg families in need

ROSENBERG, Texas – With thousands out of work in the Houston-area, various charities and businesses are teaming up to help those in need.

Friday’s helpers were a combination of a Houston-area non-profit and restaurant chain Texas Roadhouse.

Non-profit Attack Poverty has partnered with 30 organizations to help with the COVID-19 crisis, according to CEO Brandon Baca. This includes working with school districts and food providers to make sure families are getting hot meals.

“You can just see the need for food,” said Baca.

The Rosenberg Texas Roadhouse stepped in and offered 2,000 meals worth of pork barbecue, bread rolls, chips plus fruit from Brothers Produce.

“It’s really important for us at a time like this when times are uncertain,” said Katie Frazier from Texas Roadhouse. “We just want to be out there giving back to our community because they’re there for us supporting us all year long.”

You can help with Attack Poverty’s COVID-19 response by donating to the non-profit’s website.

“The community responded in a big way,” said Baca. “One of my favorite things is to see kids being taken care of in our community.”