You may be surprised Houston ranks so low in this foodie city poll


HOUSTON – If you've lived in Houston for any amount of time, you've realized there is a vast amount of dining options -- and that we take eating very seriously.

But apparently, according to this WalletHub report, the foodie scene in Houston isn't even in the top 20 in the nation.

It's not even the top city in Texas for foodies. That title goes to the state capital, Austin.

Houston ranks 21st in the poll while ATX ranks 10th.

The survey took a look at 180 U.S. cities and weighed 30 key indicators of "foodie-friendliness."

The data ranges from "cost of groceries to affordability and accessibility of high-quality restaurants to food festivals per capita."

Four Texas cities were in the top five with the lowest cost of groceries.

  • Laredo
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Corpus Christi
  • Houston
  • Brownsville
  • Austin and San Antonio tied with Las Vegas, New York, Chicago and Miami for having the most ice cream and frozen yogurt shops per capita.

    Here's a map of the findings:

    Source: WalletHub



    Austin ranked highest in Texas, at No. 10. Houston came in at 21.

    San Antonio, at No. 23, came in just behind the Bayou City.

    Dallas ranked No. 43.

    Amarillo at No. 61.

    Fort Worth ranked No. 66.

    Plano ranked No. 76.

    El Paso, at No. 88, Arlington, at No. 94, and Laredo, at No. 98, were the other Texas cities in the Top 100.

    Irving, No. 109, Corpus Christi, No. 113, Lubbock, No. 126, Garland, No. 127, Brownsville, No. 138, and Grand Prairie, No. 167, rounded out the rest of the Texas cities on the list.