Snickers introducing pecan version for a limited time

The Snickers pecan bar, available for a limited-time.
The Snickers pecan bar, available for a limited-time.

HOUSTON – Snickers announced on Twitter that it is coming out with a pecan version of the popular candy bar. 

Usually filled with peanuts, a nod to the southern classic nut -- the pecan -- is the ultimate compliment to its southern fans. 

In the product description, Snickers writes, "Many of our famous Snickers bars are produced in Texas, which also happens to be where some of the best pecans come from. Introducing our all new – Texas Proud – Snickers Pecan bars. Inspired by our Snickers fans and the passionate associates in Waco, TX.

The caramel and milk chocolate taste you love, but now with delicious Texas pecans. Get your collectible, limited edition carton now, before they’re all gone."

You can order a box of 15 of them now for $30. 

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