FIELD TRIP! Explore military history firsthand with your kids at these sites in Galveston

Galveston (Jill Jarvis)

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In this Houston Field Trip series, find places to go and get the resources to study before your trip!

In this trip, learn about World War II… in Galveston! Tour old war ships and find an old fort.

Galveston Naval Museum at Seawolf Park (Jill Jarvis)

1. Galveston Naval Museum at Seawolf Park – 700 Pelican Island Causeway, Galveston, TX 77550

Seawolf Park has popular lighted fishing piers, picnic spots, a great playground… and the Galveston Naval Museum!

The WWII submarine, the USS Cavalla, and one of only three destroyer escorts in the world, the USS Stewart are on dry land and open for you to tour. (Parts of these old ships are also air conditioned.)

Visiting this park is appropriate for all ages… and you can learn as much or as little as you want about the ships and World War II. (My oldest likes to get into the details about submarine warfare… the next oldest likes to learn about this time in history. The next youngest just thinks ships are awesome. The the littlest one wants to go everywhere the rest of them go.)

Seawolf Park (Jill Jarvis)

2. S.S. Selma – Out from the shore of Seawolf Park

This is from World War I (not WWII), but it’s right by Seawolf Park!

Steel shortages during the war led the US to build an experimental concrete ship. The largest of these was the SS Selma.

This ship is partially submerged in Galveston Bay and is visible from Seawolf Park. (See the map so you know where to look!)

3. San Luis Resort and Fort Crockett Park – 5222 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77551

The San Luis Resort, right on Seawall, is built on a military bunker.

The foundation was built on top of Fort Crockett, which was built as a defense installation to protect the city and harbor of Galveston.

Fort Crockett’s four batteries are still visible today, one of them is located on Seawall Boulevard across from the resort. (The one across Seawall is the only one we’ve been to. If you find the others, send us a picture!)

(Once you are here, you will be at the beach, so you could stay to play!)

Drive and Park:

From Houston, you take I45 until it turns into Broadway Street… and from here there is a long, almost empty, road that takes you from the busy beaches to Seawolf Park.

When you pull up, there is a booth to pay for parking and admission to the ships. (You can get the current rates HERE.) On one side of the parking lot are the ships… and on the other is the amazing playground!

Drive over to the resort (following the map below) and find metered street parking on Seawall Boulevard.

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