’Be Someone’: Some of the many times that the iconic sign has been altered

The 'Be Someone' sign was painted black. This is how it looks as of April 23, 2019. (John Treadgold/KPRC)

It has been an ongoing battle to preserve Houston’s iconic “Be Someone” sign that stretches over I-45 near downtown.

The famous street art is often vandalized to promote a new message.

Most recently, the sign was painted over with the message “#SAVEOURCHILDREN.”

The hashtag is a part of a movement to combat human trafficking; however, has recently been hijacked by QAnon, a conspiracy theory that according to the New York Times alleges, falsely, that “the world is run by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who are plotting against Mr. Trump while operating a global child sex-trafficking ring.”

'Be Someone' bridge repainted to say 'Save Our Children'

It is unknown which movement the message is in reference to.

In June, George Floyd’s name was painted over the sign in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests following the Houston native’s death while in police custody.

The iconic “Be Someone” sign was recently painted over with George Floyd’s name. (KPRC)

Before then, the sign was altered to display “Wash Ur Hands” at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March.

Houston’s famous “Be Someone” graffiti art over I-45 into downtown has been changed.

Time and time again, Houston’s most recognizable landmark has been changed to address current events.

From partial cover-ups and a complete blackout to “BE MATTRESS MAC” and more, Houstonians have seen it all.

What do you think will be next?

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