Houston’s ‘Be Someone’ sign altered yet again

HOUSTON, Texas – One of Houston's most iconic landmarks has been altered yet again.

Overnight, the message “#SAVEOURCHILDREN” was painted over the famed “BE SOMEONE” graffiti, which is located above Interstate 45 near downtown. 

This isn’t the first time the graffiti has changed and likely won’t be the last.

In the past several months alone, the sign has been altered significantly on at least two other occasions. 

Back in March, amid the emerging coronavirus pandemic, the message “WASH UR HANDS” covered the well-known sign.

Houston’s famous “Be Someone” graffiti art over I-45 into downtown has been changed.

In June, the sign was painted over with George Floyd’s name

The iconic “Be Someone” sign was recently painted over with George Floyd’s name. (KPRC)

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