What we love about Texas: How H-E-B has become such a thing for Texans

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“There’s nothing like my H-E-B” holds true to many Texans.

H-E-B isn’t just any grocery store. It’s an important part of the community, especially in Houston.


In 1905, Florence Butt opened the C.C. Butt Grocery Store in Kerrville, just west of Austin.

In the 1920s, Butt’s son, Howard E. Butt, took over the business, expanding the Butt Grocery Company to Del Rio and Laredo.

In the 1950s, H‑E‑B opened its first supermarkets like the concepts we know today with a fish market, butcher shop, pharmacy, and bakery under one roof.

In 2001, H-E-B expanded to Houston, opening its first location at Fountainview and Westheimer.

In 2008, H‑E‑B introduced its first Latino‑focused store, Mi Tienda, in Houston. The store which is decorated like a Mexican village offers products commonly favored by the Hispanic community. Items sold at the Latino-focused store include pan dulce, pupusas and horchata.

In 2015, H-E-B opened a new modern-concept store featuring a second-level in San Antonio. Two-story stores were introduced in Houston later on, the first opening in 2018 in Bellaire and second in 2019 in The Heights.

History in Houston:

During Hurricane Harvey, H-E-B was one of few stores to not price gouge on fuel.

When the Houston Food Bank lost nearly two million pounds of food, the company helped replenish by donating trailer loads.

Why Texans love it

Despite being primarily located in the Lone Star state, H-E-B was recognized as the best grocery retailer in the nation. But H-E-B isn’t a business who forgets about its partners; in celebration, the company spent more than $12 million in order to give each of its employees $100 bill.

Not only is H-E-B a supporter of the Texas community through its actions, but also through its products.

H-E-B strives to put Texas first by bringing locally grown produce to its grocery stores. By doing so, the company supports Texas farmers and shoppers are receiving the freshest produce possible.

For even fresher products, shoppers can get in-house made tortillas, salsa, guacamole, and squeezed juice.

What Texans say about H-E-B

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