Craving banana split? Here are the best places to get one, residents say


HOUSTON – On National Banana Split Day, we asked for your favorite spot to grab a banana split in the Houston area, so we listed the most recommended places.

According to residents, these are their go-to spots for the dessert:

1.) Dairy Queen – multiple locations “DQ hands down the best in Texas,” said resident Miranda Garza.

2.) Dot Coffee Shop - two locations

3.) Sweet Bribery - 250 West 19th St. “They brûlée the bananas!” said resident Stephanie Caraway.

4.) Marble Slab Creamery - multiple locations

5.) Ritters - 3427 N. Fry Rd. Katy, TX. “The quality is better than DQ by far,” said resident Melanie Worthington. “I used to think DQ too until I had Ritters.”

6.) Baskin & Robbins – multiple locations

7.) El Roli Bites - 14915 Bellaire Blvd.

8.) Connie's Frozen Custards -  12545 Jones Rd.

9.) La Florecita Michoacana Paleteria y Neveria - 58 E Crosstimbers St.

10.) La Real Michoacana -  6631 Airline Dr.

11.) Paco Pops – multiple locations “Best artisanal ice cream and frozen treats,” said resident Diana Sander.

12.) Houston of Pies – multiple locations “House of Pies has a pretty serious banana split,” said resident Evan Galvan.

13.) Another Time Soda Fountain - 800 3rd St, Rosenberg, TX

14.) Bruster’s Real Ice Cream – two locations