Jewelry, home accessories, boats: Check out these renting packages

HOUSTON – An admitted jewelry lover, Casaundra Johnson gets excited every month when her new package from Rocksbox arrives.

"I am the queen of jewelry. I love jewelry, especially earrings, so, I love to put on earrings because I feel like I am not complete if I don't have them on," Johnson said.

Though she loves donning the latest jewelry trends, a few years ago she realized her love for luxe jewelry items was getting expensive.

"I could spend anywhere from $50 to $150 just depending on the occasion. Because sometimes I would attend galas and have to wear fashionable jewelry, so I would want something to really complement my outfit," she said.

That's when Johnson started renting jewelry from the Rocksbox jewelry subscription service.

"I became very strategic when it came to my jewelry, my budget and spending on jewelry pieces," she said. "The strategy I came up with was renting my jewelry and this helps me because I did not have to commit to one piece of jewelry for my entire life."

For Johnson, renting the luxury jewelry she loves is her way of staying on trend, and on budget. She said it's a win-win for her.

"If I were to purchase the jewelry, it would be close to $7,000 and that's purchasing on the low end. So, renting these jewelry pieces over the last three years is only $750, so, I feel like I made a wise business decision," she said.

For $21 a month, the subscription service allows customers to rent three pieces of jewelry from designers like Kendra Scott, Kate Spade and Ava and Rose.

If subscribers like the items enough to keep, they can buy them.

Home accessories

The luxury rentals don’t stop there. Thanks to a new partnership between West Elm and Rent the Runway, throws, pillowcases and home accessories are also available to rent.

D'Arcy Gonzales is a visual manager for West Elm and said the rental program is beneficial for customers who like to change their home decor as the seasons change.

There are 26 various bundles of pillows and throws to choose from. They are delivered to your door.

When you're ready for a change, all you have to do is send them back for the next season's decor.

"So changing your textures, changing your colors, from the deeper colors, into something more festive for the holiday like your traditional reds and greens. Your golds and your pinks, like what we have in store,” Gonzales said.


If you want to enjoy the luxury of a boat or yacht, there is Boatsetter which allows you to rent boats locally for a fraction of what it would cost to buy one.

For international travelers who want to enjoy a day aboard a luxury yacht, Antlos offers the option of renting a yacht and a skipper for the day in exotic locals like Ibiza and the Amalfi Coast.