Beat the bugs: These are our favorite ways to kill mosquitoes at every price point

(James Gathany/CDC)

HOUSTON – Mosquitoes are a constant concern in southeast Texas, but there are ways to combat them at every price point, from free methods to those that can run into the hundreds of dollars.

Here are some of the ways we love to fight the bugs in our backyards...and front yards...and sometimes, well, frequently everywhere.

Insect repellent: 

Plenty of insect repellents are out there, but the most effective repellents are those that contain DEET, picaridin or oil of eucalyptus. Check out this Good Housekeeping-approved insect repellent. This 20% Deet formula is $6.99 at Amazon.

The Environmental Protection Agency has created an easy to use tool to search for insect repellent that is perfect for your lifestyle and needs. Try it out here.

Gardening spray:
This gardening spray from Terminix can kill adult mosquitoes and can protect an area of 5,000 square feet for up to four weeks.

Citronella candles are a favorite, but there are other versions, such as geraniol, that reportedly provide more and long-lasting coverage.

We were, as they say online “today years old” when we heard this tip. FANS! Drag out that oscillating $20 fan and you apparently have a great mosquito deterrent. We’re trying this one tonight.

Yard spraying: 
Depending on your yard size, these treatments typically cost less than $100 each with a first treatment fee. 

What has worked for you? Share the products you love to use to keep the bugs away.

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