Houston-based RTIC Outdoors opens flagship store

HOUSTON – It seems like every day we hear about a different retailer closing their doors because more people are shopping online.

But now a Houston online business, started by twin brothers who went to Klein Oak High School, is opening its first retail store selling products consumer expert Amy Davis has tested on Channel 2. 

She's tested RTIC tumblers for keeping coffee hot and RTIC food containers for serving hot lunches. You'll find both of those products in the new store off 290 near Highway 6, but RTIC Outdoors has definitely expanded its wares. 

RTIC co-founder John Jacobsen showed Davis RTIC tents, folding chairs, hydration packs and backpacks.

RTIC even makes a ceramic grill that rivals the high-end Green Egg.

Davis wanted to know why RTIC built a 10,000-square foot space when so many other stores are shrinking 

"People still like to come in and touch and feel the product and kind of experience the product and see how it feels," Jacobsen told her. 

And Jacobsen said to keep prices low, RTIC wanted to continue to sell direct to its customers, instead of just going through an existing store and getting shelf space. RTIC plans to open more stores in the Houston area and across the country. 

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