Where to find the lowest-priced Halloween candy

HOUSTON – Little goblins and ghouls will be ringing your doorbell in just 30 days. When they do, you'd better have treats!

Consumer expert Amy Davis is showing you where to buy your candy to get the most for your money.  

Whether you've got two people in your family or eight, this is the one time of year that buying in bulk makes sense for just about everyone. We found you can save $20 or more if you know where to shop.

We shopped Amazon, CVS, online website EZNeeds.com, Target and Walmart for the same candy.

Since it was difficult to find the same size bag at each store, we broke the prices down to what you would pay per piece of candy.


Hershey's chocolate miniatures are just eight cents each at EZNeeds, Walmart and Amazon. At Target they're nine cents. At CVS, you'll pay 14 cents each. 

Mars mixed chocolate minis with favorites like Twix and Milky Way were also eight cents a piece at most places; but Target has these at the lowest price at just seven cents each. 

The most expensive Halloween candy we found was fun size M&M's. They're 21 cents each on Amazon compared to CVS for just 13 cents. 
If you're stocking up on Dum Dum pops, you're a sucker if you order them on Amazon where they are five cents a pop. We found them for three cents each at Walmart, EZNeeds and Target
If you want to buy all of these kinds of candy from one place, on the day we shopped, you'd get the lowest price from Walmart for $64.70.

EZ Needs comes in second place at just $2.30 more. There is no membership fee; and you get free next day shipping on orders of $49 or more.

The same candy at Target will set you back $76.55. And you'll pay more than $82 at both CVS and Amazon.

We've posted the links to the exact bags of candy we priced. As we get closer to Halloween, the prices will change and there will be sales.

You can use our comparison to shop so you know the price to beat. For example, you wouldn't want to pay more than 8 cents a piece for the Hershey's miniature candy bars.