2 Clears the Clutter: Organizing your home

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HOUSTON – Most people have that one area or maybe multiple areas that you just can't keep clear. No one is perfect, but when it comes to creating a clutter-free space, professional organizer Peri Patel, owner of Let's Be Clear, is as close as you'll get. 

"This is the pantry," Patel said as she opened the door. "So you can see for starters, everything is in a clear bin."    

Patel says being able to easily see everything in your pantry save time and money.
"I'm a big fan of getting everything you can out of its original packaging," she explained.  "When I come in here and I'm going to the store what do I need? It is so easy for me to see." 

Kid's snacks are on the bottom shelf where they can grab and go. If your husband goes grocery shopping, labels make it easy for him to put everything away in the right spot, too. 

Patel's fridge is just as tidy. 

"Having it this way is a game changer for our family," Patel said. 

The clear storage system extends to other parts of her home where she needs to corral clutter. She has plastic totes for small toys, labeled with words and pictures for her younger child who can't read.  

"And they know where the cars go and they know where the Hero Mashers go," she said, referencing the pictures on the totes.  

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