As Seen on TV Tuesday: Slice Right

Summer is the perfect season for fresh melon; but cutting them can be a messy chore. Consumer expert Amy Davis is testing a tool that promises clean, neat slices of watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew melon in seconds. It's called Slice Right. We bought it for $9.99 at Walmart. The device looks like a scary serrated weapon, but there are actually no real sharp points or edges on it.

"The secret is the unique cutting pin that gets down to the bottom of the watermelon and follows the contour of the rind for perfect slices every time," says the announcer in the Slice Right commercial.

Davis used the Slice Right on a honeydew melon. You still need a knife to slice the melon in half; and you still have to scoop out the seeds inside.  Slice Right cuts easily enough at first, but it can't finish the slice on the end. It got stuck, making a mess of the melon.

"My slices do not look as pretty as those in the commercial; and I feel like I could get better, neater slices with a regular knife," said Davis.
The Slice Right also left a lot of melon on the rind. Davis used a regular knife on the second half and got much better results.

"It wasn't that much harder. It didn't take so much longer and my slice looks so much better," she said.

For that reason, Davis thinks the Slice Right slices all wrong.

Slice Right also claims to make slicing cake... a piece of it. Your slices would be fairly thin with the device though.

Slice Right doesn't live up  to its name or claims.