As Seen on TV Tuesday: Rocket Fishing Rod

Fishing is a favorite spring and summer pastime; but the sport is not as easy as it looks for little ones.  It's why one company created a fishing rod they say is easier and more fun for kids to cast.
Consumer expert Amy Davis took the Rocket Fishing Rod on a recent camping trip with her family.

There is some setup required when you take you the Rocket Fishing Rod out of the package. You have to string the hook and secure some bait; but you will probably want to add some more line to the rig. 

Davis' husband used Wonder Bread on the hook. He caught five fish with the same bait using a regular rod and reel. The commercial explains how the Rocket Fishing Rod works:

"Here's the secret," says the announcer. "When the bobber hits the water, it opens up and the hook falls to the right depth to where the fish are. Then you just reel them in."

The Rocket did launch the bait a good distance from the deck with a gator waiting for a bite down below.

"Whoa! I couldn't cast like that from here," said Joel Eisenbaum, explaining how the roof of the deck would have made it impossible to use a traditional rod and get as much distance.  

The Rocket Fishing Rod is probably easier for kids to cast than a traditional rod and reel and it's less likely to get tangled; but there are no guarantees it'll help you reel in a big fish. Davis' family didn't catch any fish with it, but her husband blamed the stale Wonder Bread and gave the Rocket Rod a good review.

"I give it a thumbs up," Eisenbaum said. 

The Rocket Fishing Rod costs $40 at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and Amazon. The package says it is for children 8 and older.