Bullseye No Mess Pee Pads put to the test

If you've ever potty-trained a puppy, you know it can get messy. Puppy pads leak; and dogs sometimes miss the pad altogether. Bullseye No Mess Pee Pads promise your puppy will be on the mark every time. There is literally a bull's-eye in the center of the pad, and the manufacturer says it is scented with pheromones that attract the puppy to the center.

Channel 2 consumer expert Amy Davis turned to two new puppy parents to test the product. Reporters Anoushah Rasta and Gianna Caserta adopted sibling Chihuahua puppies from the Houston Humane Society.

Anoushah already uses pee pads for his puppy she named Lulu. She has encountered the problem Bullseye claims it can solve.

"Sometimes she will relieve herself on the edges, and so it leaks a little bit and I'll have to clean up after her," explained Anoushah. 

The very first time Anoushah replaced her regular pad with a Bullseye pad, Lulu came so close to the middle.  The second potty was just inches from the first' but neither hit the bull's-eye.

"Although I will say she did not pee on the edges," Anoushah said. "There was no mess that I had to clean up, so that was good."

Gianna's pooch, Stanley, was definitely attracted to something near the center of the pad, but when it came time to pee, he urinated about 2 inches from the pad's edge.

Still, at $9.99 for 30 pads, Gianna said she'd buy the Bullseye pads.

The price comes out to about 30 cents a pad. Lulu and Anoushah say they'd spring for them too.

"There isn't much of a difference, and honestly because of the fact that she did not pee on the edges and she did stay within the pee pad, that's reason enough for me to buy these," Anoushah said.