Shrimp Linguine Alfredo

HOUSTON – Get cooking with H-E-B! Here's a new recipe you can try out for dinner tonight. Chef John Moreno with H-E-B's Cooking Connection serves up Shrimp Truffle Alfredo.

Truffle Alfredo

Preparation time:5 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes


2   Cups Half and Half or Cream

1   Cup Italian Blend  Cheese

½  T Sabatino Truffle Salt (or To Taste)

1   lb Shrimp

1   lb  CM Italian Linguine Pasta

1   T Adams Italian Seasoning


In a large sauce pan, heat cream over Medium heat, Add in Cheese and stir until all cheese is melted. Add in Truffle Salt to taste.

While sauce is heating, cook Pasta according to directions. Once pasta is done drain and pour sauce over the top.

Season Shrimp with Oil and Adams Rub and in a separate pan, sauté shrimp for 90 seconds on both sides, once its done serve over sauce and pasta.

Serve and Enjoy!!!!