Harris County Precinct 4 Constables prepare rescue boats ahead of possible severe weather

The Houston area is under a flash flood watch until 9 p.m. Tuesday

HOUSTON – Preparations for high water rescues are underway throughout the Houston area. The equipment may look a bit different from department to department, but the goal is the same, and that’s to provide help to anyone who may need it.

On Tuesday, Harris County Precinct 4 patrol captain Vicente Medina showed KPRC 2 the features on one of the constable’s two rescue boats, which were purchased after Hurricane Harvey.

“It’s a 25-foot aluminum boat. We can actually deploy it on 18 inches of water if need be,” Medina said.

The vessel can rescue up to 10 people at a time with a three-man crew.

It has a 110 horsepower Tohatsu engine, which Medina says is basically a Honda motor. It’s equipped with a rough surface for traction, beneath the deck are life vests. It’s also filled with foam to prevent it from tipping over and sinking. These are all features Medina said will make it possible to safely rescue those in need.

Medina said it could be a dangerous idea for good Samaritans to try and rescue people with their personal boats that aren’t so equipped, and could potentially sink or capsize if they’re overcapacity.

“It’s always best to leave the rescuing to the authorities,” Medina said.

If you’re in the Harris County Precinct 4 area and you see the need for a water rescue, call dispatch at 281 376-3472.

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