Could ALCS Game 4 between Astros, Yankees be rained out?

HOUSTON – As Houston anticipates another cold front surging through the area Tuesday night, the northerly end of the same weather system will be plowing through New York City and Yankee Stadium just as Game 4 of the American League Championship Series is supposed to start.

It's not a Springer Dinger. It's a Springer Zinger!

Two very strong low pressure storm centers, one off the Atlantic coast and another moving across the Ohio Valley will phase in as one big Nor'easter storm. What is called "bombogenesis" is expected to occur, meaning that this storm will rapidly intensify. What does that mean? Wind, like a hurricane.

This storm will become very strong, very fast as it travels up the Atlantic seaboard. Threats include heavy rain of 1 to 3 inches, with isolated amounts of 4 inches, pouring into the Bronx on Wednesday just as the 7 p.m. playoff tries for its first pitch. The rain will come down in buckets just like the Yankees' tears on Sunday night.

In addition to heavy rain, very strong winds will average 30 mph with even higher wind gusts to 45 mph offshore. That threat has already hoisted Gale Warnings for the area Wednesday. The winds may not be the speed of a Verlander pitch, but strong enough to stop play, that's for sure.

Localized flash flooding is also being warned for as the storm moves across the area.

The sun returns to NYC on Thursday, which will most likely be the makeup game time. This would mean the final four games, if they become necessary, would play back-to-back each day.

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KPRC 2's chief meteorologist with three decades of experience forecasting Houston's weather.