Frank's Weather or Not: If your AC can't figure out the weather, you are not alone!

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 Monday, Feb 4, 2019

Greetings on this Monday after the “Snoozerbowl” and welcome to my blog—a little about weather or maybe sometimes not!

I hate waking up in a sweat because my AC can’t figure out the weather. It’s not too warm and not too cold, right around 70. When air does cool it releases moisture and the air these days has plenty of moisture from a southeast flow off the gulf. When it cools overnight that moisture condenses as a land cloud, known as FOG. The sun will clear it the same way you use a hot blow dryer to clear that misty mirror.

At the coast, the warm air whisking over the colder water also condenses and SEA FOG forms which is thicker and harder to clear—that could last most of the day. And we see this continuing until…THE COLD FRONT sweeps it all away, but that’s not rolling through until Thursday night. So keep your foghorns handy this week. The American Model for Thursday evening:


Not much rain and a nice cool weekend ahead. Here’s our ten day: https://bit.ly/2WGNmZt

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I forecasted that Punxsutawney Phil would not see his shadow last Saturday and I was right (100%). So Phil is predicting an Early Spring, but he’s only right around 40% of the time. You might want to stick with me.

Here’s the story.

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Tomorrow is National Weatherperson’s Day, chosen as February 5th as a nod to John Jeffries birthday (1745-1819): 

Illustration of Dr. John Jeffries
Illustration of Dr. John Jeffries


Dr. Jeffries hitched a ride on the first balloon trip over the English Channel in 1785 taking weather observations. He’s considered one of the first Weathermen for his record keeping and balloon riding—even having thrown a piece of mail from one balloon ride which is considered the first “air mail”.

Cheers to all the WeatherPeople in your life!

Give ‘em some love. Sometimes a cake even shows up at our office (hint, wink).

I’ll follow up Wednesday and let you know the calorie count. In the meantime, did you hear the one about the Weatherman who got angry? He stormed out. Thanks to my cousin Alicia Hall for that one….


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