They're not over it: Celebrities bring back the optical illusion sneaker debate

Twitter user shares original image and optical illusion of sneaker appearing gray and teal.
Twitter user shares original image and optical illusion of sneaker appearing gray and teal. (TWITTER/DOLANSMALIK)

Here we go again. An online debate is reignited after celebrities bring back a two-year-old photo, asking their followers what colors they see.

Both actor Will Smith and singer Lizzo posted the viral image on their Instagram asking for their fans’ repsonses.

"I saw this image online and I showed it to a bunch of people and it's really, really spectacular, what comes back," Will Smith said in an Instagram video on Monday. "What color do you see? Now show ... whoever is around you ... and ask them what color do they see and I think you'll be surprised at what the answer is."

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Which colors do you see?? 🧐

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"There's no right answer but it's definitely not pink," he says.

In another video, Smith argues that the shoe is green and gray while several of his friends say they see pink and white.

Lizzo also hosted the same debate on her Instagram.

"I see grey & teal but my whole team sees pink & white help," she says.

The famous shoe color debate was one of two optical illusions that took over the web, pinning friends and family members against each other over the difference in the colors they perceived.

The first was a (white and gold) dress had people going crazy in 2015. Many say they saw it as blue and black.

One eye expert said it came down to how we each perceive lights and colors depending on our genes.

"It has to do with the tiny cones in the back of our eyeballs that perceive colors in a slightly different way depending upon our genes," CNN's Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen says.

Although the dress color remains a mystery, the shoe color is not. The woman who first posted the shoes on Twitter said they are pink and white.

A Twitter user explained the darkness of the woman's original photo skewed the colors then posted a second photo with less contrast which caused more confusion. 

Do you see pink and white or gray and teal? Let us know in the comments!


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