She’s just like us -- sort of: Houston’s Simone Biles is oh-so-human on social media ahead of the Olympics

Simone Biles reacts after finishing her her performance on balance beam during the Superstars of Gymnastics at The O2 Arena on March 23, 2019 in London, England. (Laurence Griffiths, 2019 Getty Images)

Houston – Houston’s Simone Biles says in her Instagram description that she’s a dog mom and that she’s “just laughing thru life.”

She posts daily photographs of herself with her smize staring right through your screen, garnering more than 195,000 likes regularly on each post from her gym shots to just hanging out with friends.

But what’s going on inside Biles as the Olympics draw near? If we had a mind-reading machine we could find out what’s going on inside, but we don’t really need one -- we’ve got Twitter. The two-time Olympian is funny and raw on the social media platform -- and dare we say -- a little like all of us as she readies for the Olympics.

Packing is challenging enough for adults, now imagine what the 24-year-old was going through as she packed her bags for Tokyo on July 13.

Biles’ Twitter followers can relate to her as one of them shares, “I’m guilty of this, too!”

The seven-time U.S. all-around champion makes herself more relatable when she tweets how she feels as she sits on the plane on July 14.

“We are rooting for you girl!!” shares one of Biles’ followers to help her get through her rough moment.

Although Biles began practicing gymnastics when she was 6 years old and is a star athlete, her hobbies and daily challenges are just like any other human.

According to her Team USA profile page, Biles enjoys shopping and eating Italian food.

To learn more about Simone Biles, watch her seven-part series “Simon vs Herself,” or keep up with her on Twitter and Instagram.