Astros superfan shows off his ultimate Astros motorcycle ahead of ALCS game 4

HUMBLE, Texas – Fans are ready for the Astros to potentially win the World Series--again. However, there are some fans who stick out for their intense love for Houston's baseball team. One superfan decided to deck out his motorcycle with the Astros.

Joey Cox's family has been Astros fans for generations. Cox's motorcycle is just a reflection of the love he and his family have for their home team.

"This is my Harley 15 Road Glide," Cox said. "Some of my buddies ... own a vinyl wrap company. Once the Astros won the World Series, we decided, 'Let's go and wrap it.'"

The intricately decorated motorcycle is the ultimate Astros bike. The bike has speakers that play music dedicated to the Astros. Cox said the team has brought so much pride to this city. 

"I've been an Astros fan my whole life. I've been going there since (I was) my son's age...5 years old," Cox said. "My uncles, my dad (are all fans). Winning the World Series was big, not only for my family but the entire city of Houston."

The motorcycle has the trophy, the words, "Earned History," a photo of team members, the Astros logo among many other precious touches that Astros fans would appreciate. The motorcycle has also been a fan favorite.

"The fans are always like, 'Thumbs up!'... taking pictures. We've literally had people come and follow me a couple of times," Cox said. "They want to stop and take a look at it. We've been pulled over by the cops one time. They wanted to take a look at it."

The ride has given him many opportunities like the ability to park near the stadium to allow for fans to take pictures as well as an invitation to ride in a parade alongside the Astros entourage. However, Cox's motorcycle isn't the only thing that has been tattooed.

On his leg, Cox has a tattoo dedicated to the Astros' 2017 historic World Series win.

"The Astros winning the World Series is permanent also," Cox said. "Like I said, we're an Astros family."

Cox said if the Astros win the World Series this year, he will get another tattoo and will also include another element of a trophy on his motorcycle. Cox is a season ticket holder and said he cannot wait for future games.