Q&A: Texans CB Jonathan Joseph opens up about Father's Day

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HOUSTON – The Texans are done with their offseason program and will break until training camp opens on July 25.

Father’s Day weekend was special to many on the team, including cornerback Johnathan Joseph.

Joseph, who is set to begin his ninth season in Houston and 14th overall in the NFL, finds a balance between excelling in his profession and at home as a husband and father of three.

KPRC sports director Randy McIlvoy went one-on-one with Joseph to talk about his life on and off the field.

What does Father’s day mean to you?

“It’s a difficult task but it’s nothing different than me growing up. My grandparents and my father. He had to go to work but came home to take care of his responsibilities as a father. He was always there for me when I was in need. For my kids, I try to do the same thing and lead by example. When they need to talk, need me to listen, play games or just be there in their presence. I try to be that at all times. End of the day, I’m their example.”

As a parent what’s the biggest challenge?

“I’m at the teen stage. My daughter is 4, and a handful. She gets in the middle of it. If anything happens, we know who started it. We hold them accountable and teach them the right way."

What's the most fun part of being a dad?

"Just watching the kids enjoy themselves. In this world, there’s a lot of pressure on the kids -- whether it’s academics or sports. We all want our kids to excel in whatever they are doing. So for me when they are having the best time, laughing and having a smile on their face, that’s what makes me happy.”

What’s the perfect Father’s Day for you?

“Just relaxing with my kids by the pool or house or out to dinner. Being entertained by my kids and having fun with them.”