Steve Francis pleads guilty to DWI charge

Frances faces 3 days in jail, and $1,000 fine


HOUSTON – Ex-Houston Rockets star Steve Francis appeared in court Tuesday on a DWI charge.

Francis, 39, pleaded guilty to DWI and retaliation charges. He is facing three days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Francis was arrested in November.

A judge ordered that he be supervised while he was out on a $5,500 bond and that Francis have a Breathalyzer installed in his vehicle.

WATCH: Steve Francis appears in court Wednesday

While Francis was allowed to travel to Florida in connection with an unrelated burglary case, all other out-of-state travel must be approved by the court, the judge said.

Francis was also ordered to undergo random drug and alcohol testing and was not allowed to consume alcohol or drugs unless prescribed by a doctor.

Francis was stopped in November driving 88 mph on Beltway 8, authorities said.

Deputies said Francis was uncooperative and intoxicated and had about 22 grams of marijuana and an open bottle of liquor.

"Mr. Francis was doing what we would call being passive-aggressive. When we were asking him to move to a patrol car, he would just stand in one spot," one deputy said.

[WATCH: Steve Francis leaves jail on Tuesday]

Francis played for the Rockets from 1999 to 2004, then again from 2008 to 2009.

He ranks sixth on the Rockets' all-time assist list. He was also honored as part of the Rockets' team of the 2000s.

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