What KPRC2 is doing to celebrate Pride Week

It's Pride Week and we're doing our part to celebrate the diversity of Houston


People hold pride flags along the Houston Pride Parade route in downtown June 23, 2018.

HOUSTON - By Jerry Martin

It’s Pride Week and we’re doing our part to celebrate the diversity of Houston in a variety of big ways.


June 22 is the big day for Pride Houston when hundreds of thousands of people will make their way to the Pride Festival and eventually the evening parade. You can read about all of the details here.


This week, you can expect to see a variety of things on air and online as we celebrate Pride Week. Why?  KPRC is an advocate for community, diversity and inclusion. Promoting a more diverse city is a core part of our mission statement and celebrating the LGBTQ community and inclusion and diversity strengthens our community.


Here are the things you can look for us to do this week:


• Just this week, our logo has been changed to Pride colors as well as a new slogan “Diversity. Pride. Community.” We will revert back to our traditional logo at the end of the month.


• We already have a story advancing the events on Saturday but you can expect more this week like pieces on how Houston celebrates Pride by supporting the LGBTQ community and a look at how businesses are selling products and embracing the LGBTQ community.


• Houston Life host Derrick Shore will emcee the Rainbow on the Green event at Discovery Green on Friday. We’ll have coverage of that event.


• We’ll introduce you to some of our on-air talent in special video profiles who are part of the LGBTQ community.


• We’ll very much be part of the Pride events this weekend. You’ll see KPRC staff and their families taking part in celebrating Pride.


Living in a city that celebrates inclusion and diversity makes Houston a better place to call  home. We’re happy to highlight the many great things about the LGBTQ community this week. We hope you will celebrate with us.​

Jerry Martin is the Vice President and General Manager of KPRC.




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