Violin taken in carjacking found on Craigslist

HOUSTON - A man has been accused of trying to sell a custom violin that was stolen during a carjacking.

"To get caught up in something like this, it plays with my freedom," Sexton Holmes said.

Holmes was arrested after he tried to sell the violin on Craigslist.

"The man said he'd pay $2,500 for it. I said 'cool.' I paid $45 for it, so it's a profit," Holmes said. "I bought the violin from a dude down the street."

The "man" making the offer was really investigators.

The violin had been stolen from musician Ruby Smith during a carjacking in southwest Houston in December 2011. A few days after the carjacking, some of the stolen instruments were found, but the violin didn't surface until a friend spotted it on Craigslist.

Smith said Monday that she can't wait to get her violin back.

Holmes said he just hopes someone will listen to him.

"Completely, 100 percent, I didn't do nothing," he said.

Holmes, who has been charged with theft, said he plans to contact a lawyer.

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