Houston-area counties waiting to see how Texas Supreme Court responds to mask mandates lawsuits

Fort Bend County Judge: “We are taking these things one day at a time.”

HOUSTON – Governor Greg Abbott has the numbers on his side when it comes to the Texas Supreme Court and his executive order instituting mask mandates, according to KPRC 2 Legal Analyst Brian Wice,

“At the end of the day, Greg Abbott nominated four of the eight sitting Supreme Court Justices to their benches,” said Wice. “I don’t see any wiggle room.”

Bexar and Dallas County had their mask mandate temporarily blocked over the weekend. Harris and Fort Bend counties have yet to learn of their fate,

”We are taking these things one day at a time,” said Fort Bend County Judge KP George.

George said he views the lawsuit the county filed as a move to protect citizens in his county, including those back on campus who are too young to get vaccinated.

“It is about saving a life. It is about saving our children’s lives,” said George.

Wice emphasized said while the stay isn’t a final decision but he believes the decision of kids being wearing masks at schools will remain an option.

“The Texas Supreme Court is going to side with Governor Greg Abbott and hold that while you can send your kid to school with a mask if you want to, you can’t be ordered to do so at least on Governor Greg Abbott’s watch,” he said.

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