Gov. Greg Abbott launches small business coalition at roundtable with Houston business leaders

HOUSTON – Gov. Greg Abbott held a roundtable discussion Thursday with Houston-area business leaders Abby’s Catering, a woman-owned business in Houston.

Abbott announced the formation of the Governor’s Small Business Coalition, which will consist of business owners, employees and business advocates who will work with him to ensure small businesses remain the economic engine of Texas.

The Coalition will utilize the hard work and ingenuity of small businesses to spread positive pro-growth messages across the state on Nov. 8, according to a release.

“Small businesses are the heartbeat of Texas and make us an economic juggernaut. Texas’ superior business climate has helped Texas become the number one place to start a small business, number one state for small business growth, and the number one state for black and Hispanic women to start a business,” Abbott said. “I will continue to keep fighting for small businesses who employ nearly half of all Texans and ensure that the Lone Star State will continue to be the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

During the roundtable, Abbott and business leaders discussed on ways to keep the state’s economy booming by partnering with businesses, making regulations move at the speed of business, reducing property tax, and having business-friendly policies.

“Small businesses care about their employees. It is so important that Governor Abbott has put his focus on small businesses through his coalition and every promise he made to small businesses. He will continue his mission to protect small businesses,” said nnie Spillman, State Director for the National Federation of Small Business.

“Thank you very much Governor Abbott for your leadership during this pandemic. It means a lot to us that you attended this roundtable, and I think you will take what we’ve shared with you today back to Austin,” said Greg Den Herder, CEO of Abby’s Catering.

You can view a portion of the discussion above.

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