VIDEO: Couple lured thieves into baseball bat beatings, police say

A couple in Visalia, California faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy after local police said they lured people onto their property so they could beat them with baseball bats.

The couple, identified as 25-year-old Corey Cornutt and 29-year-old Savannah Grillot, set out an unsecured bike as bait to bring thieves to their driveway. Officers said it happened multiple times from July through November.

If someone took the bait, officers said the couple would film the entire series of events and post it to YouTube and Facebook.

At least one victim had to be taken to the hospital to receive treatment for their injuries, police say.

“I was surprised that no one reported them sooner,” said neighbor Kerris LeBeau. “It was almost every night for a minute."

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