Texas Medical Center unveils plans for growth and innovation

HOUSTON – This week, the president of the Texas Medical Center unveiled plans for major growth.

The newest initiative, called TMC BioPort is expected to span several hundred acres just south of NRG, about three miles down the road from the medical center.

TMC BioPort plans to create over 100,000 new job opportunities.

Essentially, that could almost double the size of the medical center which currently employs 120,000 people.

The vital initiative of TMC BioPort is to increase biomanufacturing for the US to begin making their own pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

While the BioPort location may not be open for a while, TMC Helix Park should open in 2023.

TMC Helix Park will include the James Allison Institute.

The concept of this location is to bring medical experts from across institutions to collaborate on better treatments for diseases like cancer.

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