Crosby dad, teen daughter to celebrate release of new books at joint signing event

On Sunday, June 12, their joint book release and signing event will take place at 333 Red Summit Dr. Crosby TX 77532, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. (KPRC)

CROSBY, Texas – A Crosby father-daughter duo is sharing their love of literacy and celebrating the release of books written by each of them.

On Sunday, June 12, their joint book release and signing event will take place at 333 Red Summit Dr. Crosby TX 77532, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Robert L. Destin, three-time author, former school administrator, Houston-based Real Estate entrepreneur, and motivational mentor, and his daughter Taylor, a graduating senior, are both already Amazon Bestselling Authors.

This historic event seeks to create and raise awareness about the importance of literacy.

Robert is releasing his thriller, “I CONQUERED ME,” a decision-making novel about a high-school basketball player that, after making a life-altering decision, is confined to a wheelchair. The player is sent away to Idaho, where he will take part on a personal journey that will allow him to discover his true purpose in life through a harp.

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Taylor is releasing a handwriting book, “I WRITE BIG WORDS,” which teaches elementary students how to use nouns and write between the lines. The book includes motivational quotes and special characters to showcase different races of students demonstrating excellence, and inspiring kids around the world. This is one of a series of books Taylor plans to release using the same concept.

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Both books are centered around aiding, educating, and inspiring students from all walks of life to tap into their hidden potential. Thousands of students worldwide make bad, if not terrible, decisions daily, disregarding the long-lasting effect they could have on their personal, emotional, and professional pathways.

Robert’s book seeks to bring leadership, hope, and awareness to every reader, student, educator, and family.

“My passion is to motivate people around the world through speaking, teaching Real Estate, and specifically mentoring students to become their best selves. With a strong and better next generation, having a stronger and better world is entirely possible,” the father said.

About Robert & Taylor Destin:

Robert L. Destin is a Houston, Texas-based Amazon best-selling author, motivational speaker, poet, and real estate investor. After being told in middle school that “he wasn’t college material” and being retained, he proved everyone wrong by years later going back to that same school to become an administrator with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, and a Master’s in Educational Leadership. He served in leadership for 14 years and now follows his purpose and passion: educating people in his neighborhood and around the world on how to invest in real estate and maximize their potential in life.

Taylor Destin is Robert’s daughter. Being only 18 years old, Taylor has amassed her fair share of success in multiple fields. From being top 10% in her high school 2022 Senior class to graduating with an Associate of Business in 2022, member of the National Junior Honor Society, receiving an MVP cheerleader award, holding track records at her high school, and obtaining several scholarships and awards, she shows that the sky is the limit. On top of that, she is also an Amazon best-selling author, following the family’s tradition.

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